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Comparing Rational Numbers

On September 18th/19th we:

Here is the video from today:


Non-Perfect Squares

On September 16th/17th we:

  • warmed up with a puzzle
  • handed in our signed course outlines if we hadn’t already!
  • learned about non-perfect squares and some strategies to estimate them
  • were assigned questions from our textbook: p.11 # 8 and page 18-19 # 5 – 8, 12, and 13*

Here is the video from today:

Square Roots and Perfect Squares

On September 12th/13th we:

  • warmed up with a puzzle
  • learned about Ken-Ken puzzles and practiced those
  • handed in our homework and signed course outlines from last day
  • reviewed what we knew about perfect squares and square roots of whole numbers, and extended it to rational numbers
  • were assigned homework from the textbook on page 11 # 3 – 7. Remember to put the homework’s title on the top left side of your page, and your name, date, and block on the top right side.

Here is the video from today:

Adding and Subtracting Decimal Numbers

On September 1oth/11th we:

  • warmed up with a puzzle (remember – we should be pulling out our puzzles at the bell!)
  • went over last day’s homework
  • reviewed adding and subtracting decimal numbers
  • received our course outline
  • received our textbooks
  • gave me your email addresses so I can email you your marks when the time comes
  • completed questions from our textbooks (page 111 # 3, 6, 9 and page 119 # 7)

Here is today’s lesson:

Review Day #2

On September 6th/9th we:

  • warmed up with a 5-4-3-2-1 puzzle
  • learned how to do nonogram puzzles
  • reviewed using integers with fractions
  • were assigned review questions from the handout to practice what we reviewed (#2 – 14 (even) and 26 – 46 (even))

Here’s the review from today:

Welcome Back

It was so great to see you all today… I’m looking forward to a great year!

On September 4th/5th we:

  • filled in a name card and got to know each other
  • worked on the 5-4-3-2-1 activity in our table groups
  • completed review from grade 8

Feel free to come ask me for help!  Currently extra help is available by appointment or by dropping by whenever you see my door open!

You can also email me at if you have any questions!